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What are You Eyeballing?

Eve had access to many trees in the Garden, and yet her focus, her attention, her desires were fixed on the ONE tree she couldn't have. That's human nature.

eve, eyeballing, focus, refocus

Rather than being quick to thank God for what we have, we tend to complain about what we don't have. When the enemy wants to tempt you and me, all he has to do is check out what we are staring at intently. He watches us to see what we are watching. He studies us to see what we are meditating on the most and what makes our hearts beat fast. Most times, the things that we desire are NOT BAD OR EVIL. But when we desire them more than we desire God, we give the enemy a foothold. We give him a way in. We provide an open door. Eve's desire for the fruit wasn't the problem. It was her lack of trust in God. She doubted that he had their best in mind.

What are you focusing on? Are you so focused on the pain of your situation that you are missing the purpose? Are you so focused on yesterday's decision that you are missing today's opportunity? Are you so focused on what you don't have, rather than thanking God for what you do have?

It's all about what we CHOOSE to focus on. When we focus on God (Psalm 37:4), He will give us the strength and power we need to focus on the RIGHT THINGS. Or at least, the things that are meant for us in THIS SEASON. GOD'S TIMING IS PERFECT and His Word tells us He doesn't withhold what is good from us.

There's nothing wrong with desiring a godly spouse, a new car, your own home, a new job or promotion, increase in your business, or to launch your ministry. Nothing wrong with that at all. But when our gaze becomes so fixated on these things, more than we are on God, we create the opportunity for the enemy to provide a FALSE SOLUTION, just like he did with Eve.

TIME TO REFOCUS. Get your eyes back on God. Get your eyes on His Word. Get your eyes on His promises. Get your eyes on your purpose. Chances are, whatever you are going through RIGHT NOW is all a part of the plan God has for you!

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