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Rejection or Abandonment

Men and women who have been exposed to either rejection or abandonment often become persons who seek approval - people pleasers.

Wanting to feel accepted and loved unconditionally is a natural desire. But when we experience the sting of rejection, HOW we seek to fulfill the desire can be unnatural or non-productive. We can easily lose ourselves as we seek to become likable to others.

People pleasing is like an addiction. The approval we desire becomes our drug, and the person we seek it from becomes our dealer. This in the nutshell is emotional slavery.

This seed of rejection is often planted early in our childhood, and until we address it; it follows us into every relationship as adults. We have to realize that whatever our mom, dad, or both didn't give to us; God still has it for us today!

It is imperative that we allow God to heal us, as we get to INTIMATELY know who we are in Him. We cannot minister from a place of rejection, as it will cause us to worship ones we are called to serve, and weaken our ability to help the hurting because we ourselves are broken.

If what I have shared sounds like you, I stand with you right now in the name of Jesus for the spirit of rejection to be broken off of you! It is time to know and grow in your identity in Christ. It is time to seek the approval of ONE, and that is the Lord!

May God heal you in those areas of unmet human expectations and fill you with what is essential for your wholeness in HIM!

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