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Helping to build
and sustain
HEALTHY relationships.

Confidential Counseling Sessions
Individual. Couples (including pre-marital). Families. 


Pre-marital counseling with Willie & Ann was the best decision we made for our marriage. We both felt seen and heard by the Bentons and by each other. We talked through some tough conversations in a very healthy way. We are grateful. Pre-marital counseling for anyone considering marriage should be mandatory. The benefits are unimaginable.


I thank God for Ann's willingness to help me see who I TRULY am!


Willie & Ann helped us work through our hurt and unforgiveness. We finally are able to move forward and give our marriage an honest effort. It will take work, but thanks to the Bentons, we feel ready.


Ann's guidance & counseling really helped me through a difficult time in my life.
I looked forward to our sessions with expectancy because she would push me and
listen as well as correct and love on me." 


It meant a lot to me to understand my situation the way God saw it. Once my perspective changed, my healing was able to come forth."

We are passionate about helping you to heal from the hurts and disappointments that have hindered your ability to experience the freedom you desire and deserve. 

Counseling topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Rejection

  • Divorce

  • Unforgiveness

  • Abortion

  • Church hurt

  • Parental issues

  • Abuse (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual)

  • Rebellious children

  • Self-condemnation 

  • Lack self-worth

  • Identity issues 

  • Infidelity in marriage

  • Addictions

Through confidential one-on-one video counseling sessions, we help you discover truth through BIBLICAL principles, prayer and revelation from God.

Ann is an ordained and licensed Reverend who is able to officiate weddings. 


PLEASE NOTE: Ann-Maria and Willie are NOT licensed therapists, do not hold a degree in Psychiatry or Psychology, and do not administer or make suggestions concerning medication. The counseling provided is for emotional and spiritual support and growth. 

Video chat sessions are conducted via:

  • Zoom

  • Facebook Messenger (video)


Session Prices

One (1-hour) session - $50

Three (1-hour) sessions - $120 (save $30)

Five (1-hour) sessions - $175 (save $75)

Refund and Cancellation Policy
Refunds will only be provided if cancellation is due to counselor's unavailability and client and counselor are unable to agree on a new day/time. When client cancels, fees are non-refundable. All paid fees will be applied to a new day/time agreed upon between counselor and client. 

Click HERE to schedule your video session(s).

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