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Healing is a CHOICE!

About Ann Benton

Ann-Maria Benton (aka the #TruthTeacher) is an ordained Reverend, entrepreneur, best-selling author, transformational speaker, and mentor. A former radio host and a gifted communicator, Ann-Maria combines the truth of God’s Word, humor, and transparent testimonies to create an atmosphere for authentic and life-transforming encounters. Standing firm on John 8:32, she believes that knowing the truth unleashes freedom, and freedom gives birth to one’s full potential.   

Born in Antigua, West Indies, Ann-Maria is happily married to her soul mate, Willie, and is the proud mom of three adult sons and two beautiful grandkids. As co-founder of Freedom Focused Ministries, Ann-Maria is passionate about helping individuals experience a life of emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom. A strong advocate for men, women and youth who are incarcerated, she serves on the Board of Directors for Red Clay Ministries and Purpose for Your Life Centre

Ann-Maria has overcome struggles pertaining to low self-esteem, abortion, divorce, domestic violence, abuse, rejection, singleness/celibacy, and toxic relationships. Through transparent sharing, she empowers others to identify unhealthy behavior and relationship patterns so they too can discover their authority and purpose in the Lord. 

In her newest book, Pregnant with a Promise – Get Ready to Push, Ann-Maria compares the compelling truths of a natural childbirth to a spiritual birth. As a spiritual midwife, she teaches how to recognize the powerful promise within, advises the best way to nurture your promise, coaches you through the birthing process, and instructs you on ways to protect your promise afterwards. Her book propels readers to get into position to birth their powerful and unique promise. 

Ann-Maria is a sought-after Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. She is available for various types of events, including virtual. Send an email for more information or to book Ann-Maria for your upcoming event.  

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