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Healing is a CHOICE!

About Ann Benton

Ann-Maria Benton (also known as the #TruthTeacher) is a multifaceted individual with a powerful message.


She is an ordained Reverend, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and transformational speaker. Her ability to communicate effectively and transparently sets an environment conducive for authentic and life-transforming encounters. Drawing from John 8:32, Ann-Maria firmly believes that knowing the truth leads to freedom. She combines the wisdom of God’s Word with humor and personal testimonies to create atmospheres where people can experience genuine freedom.

Born in Antigua, West Indies, Ann-Maria is happily married to her soul mate, Willie. Together, they have three adult sons and two beautiful grandkids.

As a co-founder of Freedom Focused Ministries, Ann-Maria is passionate about helping individuals achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom. She also advocates for incarcerated men, women, and youth, serving on the Board of Directors for Red Clay Ministries and Purpose for Your Life Centre.

Ann-Maria’s journey has been marked by overcoming adversity. She has faced challenges related to low self-esteem, abortion, divorce, domestic violence, abuse, rejection, singleness, and toxic relationships. Through transparent sharing, she empowers others to recognize unhealthy behavior patterns and discover their authority and purpose in the Lord.

In her latest book, Pregnant with a Promise, Ann-Maria draws parallels between natural childbirth and spiritual birth. As a spiritual midwife, she guides readers on recognizing the powerful promises within themselves, nurturing those promises, navigating the birthing process, and safeguarding them afterward. Ann-Maria and Willie have authored over 13 books. 

Ann-Maria is in demand as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Whether in person or virtually, she brings her transformative message to various events.

If you’re interested in booking Ann-Maria Benton for an event, feel free to send an email for more information. 

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