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Ann Benton

A gifted communicator with the heart of God.
Pastor Matthew Hartsfield


"I've done two events with Reverend Ann and I always enjoy working with her! She is a woman of integrity and excellence and God's hand is on her ministry." 
Martha Munizzi. Pastor. Singer. Songwriter.

Pastor David Misener

Ann respects the sacred worth of everyone whom she encounters and treats them with mercy and compassion. Yet, she has the boldness with which she communicates the truth. This is a sign of true mercy and compassion. Ann's speaking gift is augmented by her integrity, authenticity, and humility. 

Pastor Ernest Chestine

Ann Benton has been a tremendous blessing to both me and the City of Prise Church family where I pastor. After meeting her on a radio show and just hearing the wisdom and revelation she shared through the Word of God and her testimony; I realized that she was a jewel to the Kingdom of God and that she was equipped with something that would shift our ministry to the next dimension. After she came and ministered at our church, she became family to us and we love and appreciate her dearly. she is a woman of power, compassion, wisdom, and strength, who remains humble. We salute her.

Pastor Matthew Hartsfield

Ann is a gifted communicator with a heart for God's Word and a love for people. Ann is also gifted in interpersonal relationships and many people are drawn to her and the ministry God has given her.

Pastor Greg Floyd

I have known Ann for over 20 years and have always found her to be a lady of great Godly character and wisdom. When Ann was our Lead Worshipper for our congregation, she led in the power of the Holy Spirit. She has spoken on my behalf on many occasions, and also for several of our conferences and other events. And is a Biblically sound speaker.

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