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Ann Benton

Offered online and onsite




We all have had unhealthy relationships in our lives that leave their mark on our emotions, self-esteem, and the decisions we make. UNHEALTHY SOUL TIES causes us to struggle with toxic emotions such as FEAR, REJECTION, ABANDONMENT, LOW-SELF ESTEEM, ANGER, CONTROL, RAGE, UNFORGIVENESS, RESENTMENT, REGRET, SHAME, etc.


Soul ties are established in the natural realm, but are strengthened and maintained in the spirit realm. Therefore, the ties must be broken in both realms.   


Most people believe soul ties are only possible with male/female relationships but are shocked to learn that soul ties are possible with other relationships such as: parents, siblings, children, leaders, mentors, etc. Soul ties are not just sexual, but are also spiritual and emotional; and can remain in operation long after the relationship is over.

Join one of our workshops today and get ready for the HEALING, FREEDOM, AND DELIVERANCE you've been praying and believing for!



  • What is a Soul Tie?

  • Is there such a thing as a HEALTHY Soul Tie?

  • How are Soul Ties established and with whom?

  • How to identify whether or not you currently have a Soul Tie with someone?

  • What behaviors/activities establish or maintain Soul Ties?

  • How to break Soul Ties (practical and spiritual).

Contact us today to learn more or to request Ann-Maria to facilitate a Tie Breaker workshop for your church, ministry, small group, or other event type.


















Offered online

You are Royalty!

Who or what knocked your crown sideways? Whether it’s through disappointments or distractions, many women are walking around with “crooked crowns.” And as a result, don’t realize your royal position, power, and purpose.  

Join us for an interactive webinar as we discuss:

  • Identifying those things that attack our crown

  • Overcoming the attacks

  • Readjusting our crowns


This workshop is free, registration is required. You can join via phone, tablet, or computer.




Offered online and onsite

We were created in the image of God. You are an ORIGINAL. However, due to insecurities and voids in our lives, the enemy wants us to believe that we must become like someone else (a counterfeit) to be accepted. 


Counterfeit: something made to look like an exact copy of another in order to trick people or to imitate especially with intent to deceive. In other words, a counterfeit is meant to look like the real thing with the intent to lead you in the wrong direction.

Satan can only imitate. He cannot create.

This 90-minute workshop helps to identify those things that contribute to a person embracing embracing a counterfeit identity such as:

  • Fear of rejection 

  • Desiring people's approval

  • Abandonment

  • Manipulation from others

  • Unsure of purpose

Contact us today to learn more or to request Ann to facilitate an Identity Crisis workshop for your church, ministry, small group, or other event type.


Offered online and onsite

In today's society, being single isn't easy due to the stigmas, stereotypes, and assumptions made about those who are not married. 

Sadly, the very definition of SINGLE: unmarried, implies that a single person's identity is defined by an event that has not happened yet (marriage) or an event that already happened (divorce). 

Being single is especially challenging for those who are in ministry and who are pursuing their calling, as many churches do not consider single persons as effective in leadership positions as couples. 

With the internal and external pressures that come with being single, this workshop addresses the dynamics of being single in this day and age, encourages a healthy understanding of singleness, and provides practical, and Biblical perspectives about topics that singles are faced with today. 


This workshop discusses the following topics (includes a Q&A session): 

  • Societal challenges of being single

  • Assumptions people make about singles

  • 15 most common challenges for singles 

    • Called to singleness for a season or lifetime?

    • Purity/Celibacy

    • Biblical perspective on who does the pursuing

    • Identifying Ishmaels

    • Courtship vs. Dating

    • Online Dating

    • And more...

Contact us today to learn more or to request Ann-Maria  to facilitate a Saved and Single workshop for your church, ministry, small group, or other event type.

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