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Both books written by a man TO men. However, they are a powerful and insightful read for ladies.


BAD Boy speaks to men/boys who feel like they have made too many mistakes to be useful to God. But rest assured, God STILL has a purpose for you.

BAD Girl, speaks to the men about the POWERFUL role they play in the lives of women. The fact that many women are labeled or thought of as "bad" is often due to a man or men in their lives who did not respect, protect, provide or pray for them. Ladies, when you read this book, you will be able to release the pain, shame, guilt and hurt caused by a man in your life who should have been a better example. 


Get both books now and bless a man/young man and woman/young woman who needs to know God has a powerful and mighty purpose for their lives. 


What they think disqualifies them from God's use, makes them the perfect candidate. 

BAD Series / Bad Boy and Bad Girl

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