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Have you ever trusted God for something that seemed impossible? Or stepped out of your comfort zone to accomplish what others said couldn’t be done?


If so, you’ve exercised FOOLISH FAITH. A faith that seems ridiculous because it contradicts common sense, challenges the status quo, confronts limitations, and boldly pushes you forward, despite the naysayers.


While serving two Life sentences in prison, Willie married Ann-Maria, the soul mate he prayed for. Together, they defied the odds and stepped into their powerful, God-given purpose, always believing in the bigger picture revealed to them. 


The Bentons candidly share victories and challenges to include when God’s answer to one of their prayers was disappointing but necessary. In this daring and compelling account, they share the importance of building a solid foundation by obeying God, staying true to themselves, and releasing ones who couldn’t embrace what God was doing.


The process wasn’t easy, but their foolish faith spurred their continued trust in God and opened the windows of heaven to allow their blessings to flow freely. “We hope our story will inspire you to believe God will do what He says, and His timing is perfect. As you read, be open. Be encouraged.

Be hopeful. Be expectant."


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