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Brad Nelson struggles with this important and thought-provoking question. As an intelligent, creative, gifted, and highly skilled homebuilder, he has been blessed in more ways than he can count. 
Yet, despite the numerous revelations he receives; Brad outright refuses to give God the honor. In fact, he gives God no credit at all.  
But woe unto Brad as he eventually learns that God is a jealous God – an all-consuming fire! We are to place nothing or no one before Him.  
Honor Thy God will entertain, enlighten, equip, and empower you to desire a more appreciative and grateful heart toward God. Through a 30-Day HONOR Challenge, your heart will be stirred to seek intentional ways to honor God on a daily basis.  
It is our sincere prayer that you will have a new understanding of what it means to honor God, which will lead to honoring yourself and others.  
In Jesus name. Amen.  


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Honor Thy God

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