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Ever wonder why we attract the same types of people and find ourselves in the same types of harmful relationships?


The people we attract and are attracted to often reveal what experience has taught us to feel about ourselves. Our unhealthy emotional baggage and familiarity with pain, hurt, abuse, rejection, offense, and unforgiveness draws us to others with similar emotional wounds.


When two people who are a “hot mess” come together, a very toxic relationship is the inevitable result. And the only way to avoid this unhealthy merry-go-round is to take the time to heal ourselves first. Until we do, every relationship will be adversely affected.


In this book, the Bentons share 10 triggers that causes us, as humans, to knowingly or unknowingly gravitate toward toxic relationships. Becoming familiar with our personal triggers help us identify, avoid, and break away from toxic relationships.


Get free and stay free! 


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Stay Free From Toxic Emotions and Relationships

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