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This powerful and life-changing book is a must read for everyone who is tired of living the low-lying life of a caterpillar and are ready to be transformed into a butterfly who soars boldly into their purpose and destiny. Drawing on the similarities of a caterpillar's metamorphosis process, Ann-Maria introduces readers to a spiritual cocoon. A protected and isolated place where God prunes, refines, restores, prepares, and propels into purpose and destiny. When surrendered, isolation becomes intimacy, pain becomes purpose, and our test becomes our testimony.


Birthed from her own spiritual cocoon, her book identifies life situations that draw us into cocoon-like experiences accompanied by feelings of rejection, regret, disappointment, resentment, unforgiveness, lack of self-worth, etc.  Ann-Maria brilliantly exposes the lies about who we THINK we are and purposefully reveals the truth of who God SAYS we are.


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The New Consecrated Cocoon

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