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Ann is a woman of power, passion, and strength; yet she remains humble.

Ann Benton









  • B.L.O.O.M.


Did you know that your spiritual wholeness is intricately connected to your emotional stability and physical wellbeing? Medical facts state that stress can worsen or increase the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma. Unforgiveness is a major cause of stress due to the emotional weariness, anxiety, feelings of offense, and mental preoccupation. Unforgiveness is like a ball and chain that keeps you bound to the person who wronged you. It hinders forward progress, blocks blessings, and keeps you emotionally imprisoned. Ann-Maria exposes the lies associated with forgiving someone who has wronged you and reveals the truth that unleashes healing, as you choose to release the offense and give your pain to God.

We live in an “approval- based” society. Everything from the way we dress, our speech, the cars we drive, the neighborhood we live in, the number of Facebook likes, to the church we attend becomes a criteria for societal acceptance or rejection. Deep down, whether we admit it or not; we all desire to be approved and valued. However, rejection is unavoidable and is an equal opportunity offender. It crushes titles, belittles education, and diminishes financial statuses. It’s no respecter of age, race, or gender. Everyone experiences rejection, young and old. We can all attest to the hurt associated with rejection and can easily develop coping mechanisms to avoid repeated pain. We either reject others before they reject us or we become an emotional waiter/waitress – taking orders and trying to fulfill the various demands placed on our identity. Ann-Maria exposes the lies behind the spirit of rejection and reveals the truth that frees you to know your true worth and value. 

Our soul consists of our mind (thoughts), will (decisions) and emotions (feelings). When two healthy souls connect, both lives are enriched. Alternatively, when two unhealthy souls connect, both lives are compromised. Unhealthy connections are a breeding ground for toxic emotions such as: fear, feelings of rejection/abandonment, shame, unforgiveness, etc. These emotions can keep two souls unhealthily bound long after the physical relationship has ended. Our most powerful soul tie begins with our parents, which sets the foundation for all other relationships. Ann-Maria exposes the lies associated with toxic emotions that cripple our identities and reveals the truth about emotions associated with healthy and god-honoring relationships. 

The wrong words can do more damage than a crippling physical injury. That’s because words have the power to shape and mold. They have the power to build up and tear down. They have the power to hurt or heal. The underestimation of the authority of our words, can lead to the abuse of that authority. Many adults are unknowingly living out the legacy of hurtful words spoken over them when they were children. Ann-Maria exposes the lies that diminish the power of negative words, while revealing the truth behind words that empower. 

Being single and Christian isn’t easy in today’s society. Singles often feel the pressure to embrace one over the other, as if enjoying both isn’t possible. The very definition of single (unmarried) implies that a person’s identity is defined by an event that has not happened yet (marriage) or an event that has already happened (divorce). Everything from television commercials, movies, to social media glorifies romance and sex, while depicting happiness as a bicycle built for two. A single person pursuing their ministry calling can be challenging as some churches are quicker to groom a couple for leadership vs. a single person. Ann-Maria exposes the lies associated with the stigmas and stereotypes of singleness, while revealing the truth about the gift of being single. 

We were not created to fit in; we were created to stand out. Society seeks to shape our thoughts, influence our habits, and define our identity, which applies pressure to conform to people’s expectations rather than living out our personal truth. We all have a unique identity and purpose that is discovered through answering two crucial questions: “Who am I? “Why am I here?” Until we discover and embrace the purpose for our existence, we downplay our uniqueness and give too much credence to the opinions of others. Often times, our desire to be liked, affirmed, celebrated, and approved drive us to respond to other people’s preference rather than our unique purpose. There is great power in being able to march to your own drum without concern for how the rhythm hits the ears of others. Ann-Maria exposes the lies associated with being who others want you to be and reveals the truth about the freedom associated with how God intentionally made you YOUnique. 

Do you remember the first time you heard the word “No?” More than likely you were a toddler who tried to touch a stove, stick your finger in an electrical outlet, or eat cookies before dinner. Based on experience, the word “No” carries a negative connotation for some. Some struggle with hearing the word “No,” and respond defensively. Others are challenged with saying “No” and are easily manipulated and controlled as a result. The word “No” is often necessary for our protection, preparation, purpose, and provision. It’s an essential component of the bigger picture. We must learn to master the art of both getting and giving a “No.” Ann-Maria exposes the lies associated with the stigmas surrounding the word “No” and reveals the truth about the positive power in learning when and how to say and receive “No.”


Empowers and equips young girls to bloom (grow/develop) into the successful, confident, and resourceful women they were created to be.


B: Beauty

Our society places a lot of emphasis on the outer beauty of a woman. And although it is important to look our best, women must be intentional about nurturing a beauty that is comprised of compassion, humility, and confidence – inner beauty. Ann teaches young girls that outer beauty is eventually affected by age, but inner beauty is ageless.


L – Love

Love is the universal language and everyone desires to love and be loved. However, our ability to love others starts with our ability to love ourselves. Ann teaches young girls that true self love begins with embracing their uniqueness, worth, and value.


O – Opportunity

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Opportunities lead us to our purpose in life. It’s important to identify and seize occasions that have a direct impact on our goals and vision. Ann teaches young girls the importance of recognizing assigned connections that are essential to achieving their goals.


O – Opposition

Adversity is a part of life. When handled correctly, it will strengthen what it cannot defeat. Ann teaches young girls that everything worth having will come with a price tag that’s worth it.


M – Mindset

The battles of life are won or lost in our thoughts before they enter the arena of our actions. Ann teaches young girls that what or who they believe they are is what or who they will become.

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