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Get Out of My Head!

You cannot keep birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair. ~ Martin Luther

Just like the above picture, we would look pretty funny walking around with birds on our head on the regular. But even more, if you allow the birds to remain on your head for any length of time; it can become messy. You know what I’m saying?

These birds represent bad, unhealthy, toxic, or negative thinking. We are human. Therefore we WILL have self-condemning thoughts. We will have defeating thoughts. We will have resentful and bitter thoughts. We will have unforgiving thoughts. We will have regretful thoughts. But just because these thoughts pop into our head, doesn’t mean we should give them a place to rest and remain!

Like these birds we must be intentional of shooing away anything that has the potential to be MESSY. Our thoughts eventually become actions. Our actions mold our character. Our character shapes our destiny!

Sometimes our negative thoughts are fueled by someone else and it’s not easy to avoid them because they may be a close family member, a spouse, significant other, or a child. So it’s not as if we can cut them off completely. But we must get to a place where it’s not what is said TO us that has the most impact, but the most powerful impression on our soul is what we RECEIVE and BELIEVE.

We can’t stop people from talking about us. But we can un-invite ourselves from the conversation. We can’t stop non-productive thoughts from popping into our mind, but we can refuse to fund their trip from our mind to our heart, to our mouth, and then to our behavior.

In my new book: Pregnant with a Promise, I speak of changing our mindsets and our understanding of who we are in order to birth what God placed in us. We will NEVER embrace the new if we are still fixated on the old. In fact, some will simply overlook the opportunities that seek to bring you to another level because you’ve become TOO comfortable at your current level.

Get a copy today and allow God to speak into your current situation. Allow Him to give clarity about the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE you are currently entertaining that’s causing a delay in your forward progress.

It’s time to get all STINKING THINKING out of your head!

If this message blessed you, share it with others.

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