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It Doesn't Seem to Fit!

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

Have you ever tried putting together a puzzle that had more than 100 pieces? How about 200, or maybe even 500 pieces? The more pieces the puzzle had, the more difficult it was to put it together. Even with over 200 pieces, each piece of a puzzle is unique and is necessary to complete it. Regardless to how square, round, or oddly shaped a piece is, rest assured it fits SOMEWHERE.

Our life's purpose is like a completed puzzle and the various events and experiences of our lives are the individual pieces. Our hurtful moments are a part of the puzzle. Our victories are a part of the puzzle. Our feelings of defeat are a part of the puzzle. The pain of a loss is a part of the puzzle. Just as you need every puzzle piece for completion, God uses every part of our lives to fulfill our purpose.

But here's what I want you to understand. The puzzle piece you are holding right now (lack of resources, no job, need a place to live, illness, unsaved spouse, failing business, rebellious child, etc.) is an important part of your completed puzzle. As you look at it right now (without seeing how it connects to other pieces of your life), it seems odd. It seems out of place. It seems like it just doesn't fit. It seems like someone is playing a joke on you as they slipped a piece in that doesn't belong. You didn't expect to be dealing with this right now. Again? At THIS point in your life?

Beloved, you can rest assured that as OUT OF PLACE your current situation SEEMS to be, God is working all things together for you good (Romans 8:28) including the disappointing, disheartening, frustrating, or shameful puzzle piece you are currently holding. It may not seem to fit into how you see the pieces coming together, but KEEP HOLDING ON. Don't try to toss this piece. Don't negate the important lessons you need to learn right now. Don't miss how God is preparing you for the very thing you are praying for.

Shepherd boy David's preparation process looked nothing like the throne he would one day sit on as the King. But, it was all connected. The piece you are holding (the situation you are facing) is necessary. Hold your head up and walk with confidence knowing, THIS TOO SHALL PASS, God will use it for your good, and for HIS glory!

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