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Zip Your Lip

Did you know that silence can be a virtue? Ecclesiastes 9:17 says, "The quiet words of the wise are more effective than the ranting of a king of fools." Message Translation

Somewhere along the line, growing up, many of us learned or caught the notion that the person who speaks the loudest or has the last word is the one with the power. Not so!

The person with the TRUE power is the one who realizes that everything said does NOT warrant a response. In fact, responding to it makes us just as foolish, arrogant, ignorant, prideful, or pitiful as the one trying to provoke the response.

Some people are unhappy and frustrated and they want nothing more than to make others feel the same way. You know the saying, "Misery loves company."

It's important to CHOOSE your battles wisely. Some battles aren't yours and some battles aren't worth it.

Having the last word loses it's appeal when the last thing you say causes you to be regretful or taints your character.

Today, I simply want to encourage you that there are certain conversations, arguments, and debates that are best deserving of our zipped lip. Don't respond and walk away if necessary. In fact, it takes more strength to not respond than to simply lose your cool. Sometimes that's exactly what the enemy wants.

Surprise the enemy and do something different.

*If this blog spoke to you, share it with others and leave a comment below. Is this difficult for you to do? Why or why not? We would love to hear from you!

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