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Do You Have Beautiful Feet?

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation... Isaiah 52:7

Growing up I often looked at other women’s feet and felt like their feet were cuter, smaller, more narrow etc. than mine. In fact, when I was a teenager, someone said I had chubby feet like Fred Flintstones, LOL. 😂

That may have given me a complex. 🤔 but I thank God, because my husband absolutely loves my feet and tells me they are beautiful. And I’m grateful. ❤️

And there is also another who thinks my feet are absolutely beautiful and that’s my Heavenly Father. We can’t expect to be used by Him and our feet don’t take a beating. We can’t expect to go into places where others won’t go and our feet don’t get dirty. Spreading the gospel can be messy business. You might be reading this and feel like a pedicure is what makes your feet beautiful, but in fact it’s putting them to work that makes them attractive to God. 😍

During our women’s retreat in 2018, I walked up and down a hill in TN so many times helping women with their luggage, taking our groceries back and forth etc,… Long story. But I ended up losing a toenail as a result. I could’ve really felt as though my feet were really ugly, lacking a toenail. But until it grew back (it took a minute), I was reminded of all that we overcame that weekend and all I was willing to do with and for my sisters and that made me absolutely love my nail less toe, LOL.

Look at your feet right now and tell yourself how beautiful your feet are because you are a carrier of the Gospel. You make sure others hear about the Lord, know there is hope, receive healing and get saved. Glory!

Here’s to all the beautiful feet in the Kingdom!

Like and share with others who need to know their feet are absolutely gorgeous! 🥰

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