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You are ENOUGH!

You are the person you need to be good enough for!

In a world that is driven by social media and the need to connect with others, be liked, be followed, etc., it's difficult at times to be totally OK with just ourselves. It's easy to feel like there is something WRONG when we experience a time of isolation. We feel like maybe people are pulling away, maybe I did something wrong, or maybe God is punishing me.

But the truth is...there are times when we need to be alone to learn what we are truly made of. Depending on others for what we think we need can cause us to feel inadequate if no one understands, supports, or celebrates.

Contrary to what the corporate ladder says, you don't need to compete with others to be confident in who you are. Contrary to what the pastor says, you don't need the CHURCH to confirm that you are a Christian. We go for fellowship, but you are in RELATIONSHIP with Jesus and that relationship isn't contingent on others. Contrary to what your followers on social media say or don't say, you are popular with the ONE who made you in His image.

It's OK at times to just enjoy your own company. It's OK sometimes to want to be alone so you can deepen your relationship with the Lord. It's OK to try things by yourself to know you can do it.

You don't need a crowd, a crew, or a boo. You and Jesus are enough!

I pray this encourages you that as a child of God, you lack nothing that requires a human to fix or provide. God created you in such a way that if NO ONE understands, supports, or encourages you - your purpose will still flourish!

Love in Him! Ann

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