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Feeling Isolated?

It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst.

Ecclesiastes 4:9,12

Did you know there is a difference between isolation and being isolated?

We are currently being asked to remain in isolation or a solitary place to flatten the curve of this virus - to help save lives. However, during our time of isolation, we want to be careful of becoming isolated.

Being isolated can become a very dangerous tool of the enemy. He knows we are most vulnerable when we are by ourselves. If he can get us to feel isolated and alone, he can keep us in our unhealthy emotions, introduce fear, and cause us to feel depressed.

The above Scripture tells us that it's good to have someone to do life with. Someone to share with. Someone to laugh with. Someone to cry with. This is NOT just in the romantic sense. This is at the core of all meaningful relationships. We need each other.

Sadly, some of us struggle to have these meaningful relationships for one of two reasons: First, we have been hurt in the past by ones who misused us, broke our trust, or rejected us. Or secondly, due to having to fend for yourself, you've grown accustomed to doing everything by yourself and for yourself.

If we aren't careful, the first scenario can cause us to become victims. Full of fear and not being able to enjoy authentic and healthy relationships. The second scenario, if we aren't careful can cause us to embrace a spirit of pride. Thinking we don't need anyone!

Neither response is good. Neither response is what God had in mind for us. Neither response is healthy. Both responses need healing.

Even though we have to practice social distancing, we don't have to practice relational distancing. They are two different things.

It is our prayer for you today that if you are feeling isolated, lonely, and alone that you will allow the power of God to touch your heart right now and help you realize your need to be surrounded by those (just a few will do) who can pray for you and be a shoulder to lean on.

May the Lord heal you and make you whole so you can experience the beauty that comes with having at least one or two trusted relationships in your life.

We are praying for you. Being in isolation doesn't mean being isolated. Know the difference and ask God to help you stop using one as an excuse for the other. For more on this topic of being alone, watch the video below titled: No Lone Rangers!

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PS. Check out our books. We've got books that are perfect reading for times of isolation and reflection. Wouldn't it be awesome if you came out of this time stronger and healed???!!!

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