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Is God Listening to Me?

Ever felt like God was silent? Wasn't listening? Was upset or disappointed with you? Or even worse, punishing you?

Everyone who has missed the mark, messed up, been disappointed, or made a stupid decision feels disconnected from God at one time or another. Are you there right now? Do you feel like your prayers are going unanswered? Do you feel like your requests are hitting the ceiling? If so, I have great news for are not alone!'s normal.

God doesn't turn a deaf ear to us. He's always ready to speak and answer. However, there are things, situations, and emotions that can keep us from hearing His voice, such as:

  • Hurt, anger, disappointment (we blame God)

  • Distractions (social media, excessive partying, addictions)

  • Other voices that seek to have authority in our life (boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse

  • Painful circumstances

  • Prayers not answered the way we expected

  • A closed door for an opportunity we really wanted

  • A painful loss (death, relationship ending, foreclosure)

  • Repeated and willful sin in our lives (continuing to do what we know is wrong in God's sight)

  • Overly busy (won't make spending time with God a priority like we do other things)

These and other things, feelings, and situations can/will hinder our ability to hear the voice of God. God is always speaking. But we must be intentional to get rid of all competing voices, unhealthy emotions, toxic relationships, and anything we love more than God - so we can tune into the frequency of God's ongoing conversation with us.

Make no mistake about it, God hears and answers ALL prayers, according to Isaiah 65:24. Therefore, if there is a breakdown in communication, it's not on God's part - it's on our part.

Make a commitment today to be intentional about shutting out all voices that want to speak louder than God's - including your own. Be willing to be obedient. Be willing to make time for God. He is ready to speak, share, encourage, and provide insight to what He is doing. He wants to reveal the answer to your prayer and guide you to it.


If this blessed you, take a moment to leave a comment or share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or via email with others who need to know that God hears and has answered their prayers too!

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