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Facing Storms!

A couple of days ago, here in Georgia, we experienced some bad weather! We had brutal winds, lightning and thunder, heavy rain, and even a tornado touched down.

The crazy thing about storms is how they come and shake things up for a few hours or a few days, then they clear up and the sun shines again.

That's similar to the emotional, physical, and spiritual storms in our lives.

The adversity, challenges, unexpected bad news, tough breaks, etc. that we experience are storms. They don't last forever, but it sure can feel like it.

Remember the old song, "I'm so glad, trouble don't last aways." They truly don't. Storm clouds MOVE. They never stay in the same place for too long. So, no matter how long they may hover, the nature of clouds is that they must keep moving.

Whatever storm you may be facing right now, I just want to encourage you that those dark clouds CANNOT remain with you always. You will NOT always feel depressed, disappointed, frustrated, or angry. You will not always feel alone, broke, or defeated.

God told us that the weapon MAY form, but it WILL NOT prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Storms may come, but they will NOT drown us. Not as long as we are holding on to the most faithful lifeguard of all, Jesus!

I shared a powerful Word via Facebook Live this morning that I think will be a blessing to you. Sometimes the storms we face are just life, doing what it does.

But "sometimes" the storms we face are due to areas in our lives that we refuse to submit or surrender to God and He will allow the storm to get our attention so we can get back on track.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Declaring God's power, strength, grace, peace, and joy over you as you ride out your storm and come out stronger on the other side.


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