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Are YOU the CAUSE?

If you’ve driven a car, you know that until you shift the gear into DRIVE, you won’t go anywhere.

Often times when we think about the word SHIFT, we think about a change in direction, season, position, or location. And it’s easy to subconsciously believe that shifts happen TO us - something out of our control. However, in my new book: Pregnant with a Promise, I introduce readers to another definition of shift: assume responsibility. This definition requires us to TAKE THE INITIATIVE to cause some changes to occur. In other words, it’s not happening TO you, you are CAUSING it to happen FOR you! That’s a different perspective.

Like a gear shift in a car, until you put it into DRIVE, you'll just sit there. Some of you have been sitting in neutral or park under the false belief that you are waiting on God. But in fact, God is waiting on you! He’s given YOU the authority to move some things. He’s given you the authority to shake some things up. He’s given you the authority to start some things and to stop some things. He’s given you the authority to let go of some things and grab a hold of some things. Of course we always want to pray to God for wisdom and discernment. However, when God gives us the green light, we cannot allow fear of the unknown and comfort zones to cause us to put the ball back in God’s court, when He clearly placed it in ours.

When driving a car that has a manual transmission, you have to shift gears UPWARD when needing more power or are climbing a hill. Some of you are in an a battle. You are in a tough place. And you need MORE power! You can’t sit in first gear expecting that the same passion and power that got you to where you currently are is the same passion and power that will take you to the next level. You MUST SHIFT (take the initiative) to cause some things to happen.

That business you’ve been praying about starting won’t start itself; you’ve got to come up with a mission statement. That new job you want won’t just be handed to you, you must apply for it. That degree you want to complete won’t just be added to your resume, you have to enroll in school. That relationship that needs to be healed won’t just get better, you have to ask for or render forgiveness. The savings account you wish had money in it won’t automatically be filled, you have to create a budget and stay out of the mall or off Amazon, lol.

I liken the gear shift to the plow Jesus speaks of in Luke 9:62. Don’t cause the SHIFT to happen and then look back wondering, worried, or fearful. Pray about it, step out in faith and trust God to lead and guide your steps accordingly. BE OBEDIENT to HIS voice and His voice alone.

Get my new book today: Pregnant with a Promise – Get Ready to Push. I want to help you to cause some shifts to happen in your life because there is a powerful promise in you that will help others birth theirs.


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